What to Wear to your Couple Session

Spoiler: Multiple outfits is highly encouraged

When in doubt, go blue.

I just want to throw this suggestion out there first because if you are just prioritizing simplicity (like most people are), blue is, without a doubt, the best option. In color theory, the color blue evokes emotions that are related to safety and calmness, and that description totally matches what I'm trying to convey. Blue goes with with any skin tone, any lighting situation, and just looks so damn good in a desert.

"It's gotta be the kicks"

I'm a fan of shoes: boots, sneakers, flats, heels, and all that jazz. The most important part about your shoot is that you feel like you are YOU and not somebody else. Don't be afraid to throw on those old Nike blazers if that's who you are! Heels and boots are perfect if you're going for the fancier look, but don't feel like you HAVE to have that in order to attain a perfect photo session. Your outfit is part of your story. It's all about the details :).

Complementary Colors

Blue and Orange is the most captivating of the complementary colors (in my opinion). I say this because it matches well with my color-grade and compliments your skin tones as well. Yellow/Purple, Red/Green, etc are totally fine too. If that's you, then go wild, my friends. I prefer that the lady would wear the more vibrant of the color pairing just because she should shine bright like that diamond on her hand (mmmmhmmmmm.).

Don't be too distracting.

I don't mean this by your charming looks and your love for each other. I'm specifically referring to clothing with patterns or graphics on them. The subject is you and your significant other, not Lebron James on your Nike t-shirt. If you ARE planning to wear something with graphics, it should be INTENTIONAL. Are you (both?) a major sports fan? What's the meaning behind it? If it would be clear to your friends & family, then by all means go for it. I just don't prefer it if the clothing takes away from you and your story.