Chris Chu... a documentary photographer living and working in Manhattan, New York. His passion for his photography has served as the perfect vehicle for his love of people and the words that they carry. From diners, barbershops, and Olympic weightlifting gyms to metropolitan parades, and South African Zulu villages, Chris' photography is his way of listening to the world.

Chris' photographs align with street photography styles that serves to surprise but maintain truth. All of his work is made on Kodak film in 35mm and medium format.

His first monograph was a story of his two close friends from his hometown: a narrative revolving around the 3 weeks prior to the birth of their child and 3 weeks after. The monograph was called Sunday Vocals and there were only two copies made: one for them and one for Chris to remember where he began.

Lunar New Year Parade / San Francisco, CA / 2022