Let's be real...

100% of every couples express their worries for what and how they should arrange their list of photos. The family is always the hardest part; it's not even the ceremony, itself. I'm here to help you with this problem by providing a template for your wedding day so you can plug-and-play for what you need and when you need it.

Getting Ready

Personally, the "getting ready" photos are easily one of the most storytelling parts of the day. They serve a great role in distinguishing the character/tone for the day for any photographer. This part allows me to get to know you and your wedding party, and how to use that to my advantage to achieve greater pictures that capture more emotional, personalized, and/or hilarious moments. From the detail shots of your heels to the moment the best man throws on the groom's jacket, these photos will remind you of how you were feeling before getting up on that altar.

"The First Look"

This is a big one. For the groom, this is the moment where you finally break the radio silence and see your soon-to-be wife in her wedding dress. C'mon. That's going to be a priceless moment. For the bride, you're finally going to see your man cry (unless he is already does that, then mad respect). All couples I've worked with always did the "shoulder tap" first-look method, but there is another in which the groom hides behind a corner and the bride goes on the adjacent corner where they will hold each other's hand without looking at each other.

The Calm before The Storm

This is usually the 30 minutes before it's game time for the ceremony. I like to pull the couple aside from EVERYONE and allow them to just BREATHE. One of my usual cues is to allow them to just be; to be themselves for half an hour before sealing the deal before all of their loved ones. Anything secluded such as a field, behind the church, in a car, etc. are great places to be in for this segment of the day.

The Family Photos

Honestly, this is the hardest part of the day. Not the ceremony. Not the "getting ready". And definitely not photographing that drunk uncle going nuts on the dance floor (that's the best part).

I highly recommend that you spend a lot of time organizing the family list. I like to photograph the bride's family side first then the groom's.

Immediate Family -> Parents Only -> Siblings Only -> Grandparents Only -> Immediate Family + Grandparents -> Dad's Side of the Family -> Mom's Side of the Family

If you can get this list to the photographer and have a friend, relative, or the main photographer organize a "lunch line" for the order of which the photos will be taken.

Stay strong in this part of the day. If you work with me, this will never be an issue! I have a very loud voice, and I work very efficiently.

Wedding Party Photos

This is where the fun and relaxation begins. The family photos are done, and the ceremony is over. The couple is officially married, so let's have some fun! Organize a location where you and your closest friends can finally enjoy everyone's company before the reception begins. I love to flex some creativity here, so I highly suggest coming up with some ideas that really shows who you are with each other! If you need help, I'm right here!