Posing Guide for Couples

"Please no photos!"

On a bright sunny day, I love to have my couples lean in for a kiss while one of them stretches his/her hand towards the sun. The hand shadow is one of the best signatures I have in my arsenal. The name of the pose is also the most ironic.

"Locked and Extended"

This is the most popular pose I have for couples because it takes up so much space in the photo. All you have to do is hold hands with your love and stand far enough apart to have your arms locked out!

"Tell us a joke!"

The best smiles are the ones that come from genuine laughter. I would typically ask the guy to whisper a joke into the girl's ear to get them to start laughing. The funniest thing is that they usually don't say anything funny enough, according to the ladies. It's the weirdness of being whispered into their ear that makes them laugh. Whatever it takes to get the shot!

"Show me the money!"

Can I take a picture of that rock on your hand? Simple as that. Make any face you want!

"Tuuuuurn Arooouuund!"

It's what you're going to do to seal the deal on your wedding day, but you hit your man with Uno Reverse Card.